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Jux Jewellery embodies artistic integrity and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece is born from an original hand drawn design which is transformed over several weeks from the finest quality materials to a valued keepsake.

Inspired by the natural world, our collection of one-of-a-kind engagement rings are mindfully designed and crafted using unique Australian parti sapphires and ethically sourced diamonds.


Perle has been working closely with her valued clients over the years to seamlessly deliver bespoke engagement rings, wedding bands and one of a kind pieces that embody individuality and craftsmanship.

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"I recently ordered a wedding band from Jux. Perle went above and beyond to help me make sure it was the size and style I was after.
The ring looks amazing and the quality is excellent. Very responsive and professional. It's not often you receive great service like Jux."


"Throughout the design and create process, Perle worked with me to craft something unique, special and personalised and the end result was a ring that reflected both my personality and the beauty and sentiment of the sapphire. Perle was quick, responsive and creative and I look forward to commissioning another custom piece of jewellery from JUX."


"Perle was a joy to work with, setting clear expectations and consultation along the way. I valued feeling as though I was part of the process and having a snippet of insight into Perle‘s artistry. Both the piece and the experience are something I treasure very much."


I bought an Emerald-cut Diamond ring from Jux Jewellery and I loved it so much I then bought the Dark Blue Sapphire ring for my other hand. Perle, you seem so lovely in the exchanges I've had with you. I wish you all the best and thank you, both rings were exactly what I was looking for.


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