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MADE Responsibly

Sustainably + ethically made in Australia.



Transparency and trust go hand in hand. We genuinely care about our clients satisfaction, and this is why we are committed to providing authentic customer service by being as transparent as possible throughout the process, and ensuring that ethical sourcing is our first step to creating any piece of jewellery.


Australian Sapphires

For those who are passionate about knowing the exact origin of their gemstone; we handpick our sapphires direct from the source in Central Queensland. We support Australian small-scale artisinal miners and gem cutters who use picks and shovels to mine their sapphires, with minimal environmental impact.


One of a kind

Each Jux Jewellery piece, whether it be ready-made or custom-made, is entirely one of a kind - meaning there is only one in the world.
Bespoke pieces are exclusively designed and crafted to order for the client, minimising waste, and mass production.


Australian Made

Every piece is designed and made right here in New South Wales Australia; from Lennox Head to Sydney. We put in the extra effort to support our network of Australian suppliers, casting houses and jewellers to ensure your ring is entirely crafted locally and our profits are spent back into our local community.


Precious Metals

The metals we use in our jewellery are sustainably sourced from our trusted Sydney-based metal refinery who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. They source their gold from a combination of Australian mines and recycling methods from within their own refinery.



We work exclusively with a select few accredited local diamond suppliers. We are able to offer our clients the choice of:
1. Australian Argyle diamonds: Sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia.
2. Lab-grown diamonds: Australian owned and operated company, producing laboratory grown diamonds.
3. GIA certified diamonds: To ensure legitimacy, our non-Australian diamonds are certified by GIA, who are the world’s highest regarded diamond grading experts.



Being sustainable in our packaging has always been a priority. Each piece of jewellery is carefully packed in a high-quality custom ring box made from FSC®-certified wood and cardboard. The box can be kept for storing your Jux piece for years to come.
All online orders are sent in discreet recycled cardboard shipping boxes and sealed together with biodegradable paper tape.


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