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The allure of Argyle diamonds

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the options are as diverse as the love stories they represent. Among the diverse range of choices, one gemstone in particular has been capturing hearts – the Argyle diamond.

Renowned for its unique soft champagne hue, rarity and ethically sourced origin, Argyle diamonds have emerged as a beloved favourite for engagement rings. Read on as we share with you more about this beauty. 


A glimpse into the origin

The origin of the Argyle diamond can be traced back to the remote region of the East Kimberley in Western Australia. The Argyle diamond mine, which was discovered in the early 1980s, is renowned for producing a unique variety of diamonds known for their variety of colours and exceptional quality.

The Argyle mine closed in 2020 and this marked the end of an era for the diamond industry, as it was the primary source of rare pink diamonds. Due to the rarity of these diamonds, Argyle diamonds have gained even more prominence and value.


The unique colour

Argyle diamonds are known for their stunning and unique range of colours, a quality which sets them apart from other diamonds. These diamonds come in a spectrum of shades, each with its own distinct beauty. The argyle diamond can be found in hues of: pink, champagne, yellow, blue and green.


A perfect pairing gem

While the Argyle diamond can steal the show as a stand alone stone, it's also the perfect gem for pairing. The contrast they can create when combined with other gemstones can create a striking visual when paired with colourless or other coloured gemstones. 


For those who seek an engagement ring that echoes their unique journey and values, the Argyle diamond could be for you. You can explore our ready to shop Argyle diamond pieces here.


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