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Jux Jewellery embodies artistic integrity and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece is born from an original hand drawn design which is transformed over several weeks from raw materials to a valued keepsake.

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The Designer

Perle Gorjux is the driving force behind Jux Jewellery. Raised in Melbourne by artist parents, she was exposed to a creative environment from an early age. This set the stage for a lifelong interest in art, sculpture and the natural form. Soon after completing a Bachelor of Design degree at RMIT in 2012, she went on to launch her own business ‘Jux Jewellery’ at the age of 21.

Almost 9 years on, Perle continues to explore the endless techniques of jewellery and to evolve her aesthetics as she grows with the business. Being drawn by the warm climate and her partner's love of surfing, she is now based in the Northern New South Wales village of Lennox Head, near Byron Bay. 


Handmade Jewellery Designer Australia 

The Process

The initial sentiment of a Jux Jewellery piece generates from the stone, sourced from trusted Australian suppliers. Extensive hand-drawn technical sketches are developed then the finalised design is hand carved out of wax or modelled in 3D CAD. The wax design is then cast in precious metal using the ancient art of lost wax casting, blending contemporary technology with old world craftsmanship. 
The wax design, whether it be hand carved or a 3D model is cast in 100% recycled precious metal. Perle works closely with her Sydney-based casting refinery with over 30 years of experience and a small team of skilful jewellers to achieve a consistent and high quality end result. 
Hand drawn jewellery design illustration
Handmade Jewellery Designer Crafting Unique Jewellery

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